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The Port of Corpus Christi Expands Infrastructure to Support Oil Exports

Texas ports have grown tremendously and continue to expand its capacity. Particularly, the port of Corpus Christi and the port of Houston have invested heavily to better connect oil producers with markets around the world. Oil, gas and NGL production in the US have transformed the country in a net exporter. U.S. producers now export […]

Avoiding Costly Mistakes – The Importance of Sampling in H2S Testing

Testing for H2S Getting an accurate sample of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) whether in gas or in crude oil is crucial for safety, environmental and marketing purposes. Measuring H2S in natural gas is straight forward since the H2S is only in the gaseous phase. Measuring H2S in crude oil brings a challenge. H2S can be measured […]

PRO-3 Non-Amine Scavenger Process in the Eagle Ford Shale

Another PRO-3™ Non-Amine H2S Scavenger Process up and running! The heat is on in the Eagle Ford Shale as we supply our PRO-3™ Non-Amine H2S Scavenger Process to one more upstream application. Since we are proud of all our projects and pleased to help our clients get more value for their barrel, we want to […]

Q2 Technologies will be sponsoring the registration process of the 2017 Midstream Texas.

We are proud to announce that Q2 Technologies will be sponsoring the registration process for Hart Energy´s 3rd annual conference, Midstream Texas. In the past couple of years, this event has gained status as one of the most informative and networking-focused events in the midstream industry. This year´s conference, themed “Heart of the Market” features […]

Q2 Technologies Brings Innovative Non-Amine/Non-Aldehyde Scavenger for Crude Oil

ENVIRO-SOLVE PRO3 is a non-fouling, water-soluble, oil-dispersible hydrogen sulphide scavenger. Non-amine/non-aldehyde chemistry Fast reacting and more effective than MEA triazine Resistant to temperatures up to 100ºC/212ºF. Non-fouling It is highly engineered for the treatment of hydrocarbon streams that will be processed in refineries. ENVIRO-SOLVETM PRO3 will convert HS into a non-toxic, stable, irreversible sulphate salt […]