Q2 Technologies manufactures its own H2S scavengers and has international manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

ENVIRO-SCRUB® Series: Water based H2S, SO2, and lower chain mercaptan triazine scavengers. We offer a variety of formulations to suit your needs depending on temperature and gas conditions.

Q2 Technologies offers a range of amines used in amine plants for gas processing. Available in tote and bulk quantities.

MDEA- Methyldiethanolamine [105-59-9]
MEA- Monoethanolamine [141-43-5]
DGOA- Diethylene glycolamine [929-06-6]
DIIPA- Diisopropanolamine [110-97-4]

Looking for another amine? Please Ask Us!

Q2 Technologies has access to cutting edge lubrication technology and service. We strive to provide wholesome solutions ranging from chemicals to lubrication to equipment cleaners.

ENVIRO-CLEAN VS: Removes varnish and carbon that forms throughout the system resulting in extremely high maintenance costs. Can be used as an additive in the lubricant and remove varnish while system is running. Eliminates need for disassembling unit.