Vice President and General Manager gets Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship

The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation  awards scholarships annually to students from participating Texas universities. The Foundation is able to sow seeds for future business in our state by acknowledging and helping underwrite the promise that is being demonstrated by Texas business students, hence assisting future business leaders.

Our Hugo Lozano Jr., Vice President and General Manager, was selected as the 2018 scholarship recipient at Rice University's MBA program. This is a great honor and we are very proud of his achievement. Hugo is currently in his second year of the evening MBA program at Rice University. He is a Notre Dame (2012) chemical engineer and has always been interested in the energy/petrochemical industry. We at Q2 Technologies are very grateful to the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation for this distinction to our Vice President and General Manager.

Past recipients of the scholarship join the Scholars Alumni Association where they join an exclusive network of business professionals and Legends throughout our state staying connected with past scholars. This is also a great opportunity for young scholars to learn from past alums and share experiences that will also benefit Hugo and Q2 Technologies.

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