About Us

Q² Technologies is an expert in H2S and mercaptan removal solutions.

This is the Q² expertise.

Q² Technologies, operating since 2001.

Q² Technologies is a spin-off of Quaker Chemical (NYSE:KWR) and developed the MEA-Triazine scavengers used world-wide today in the late 1980’s. Q² Technologies is an expert in H2S and mercaptan removal solutions. Q² Technologies has H2S and mercaptan removal experience in the oil & gas, pulp & paper, wastewater, and landfill gas industries. By combining its experience and research and development within these industries, Q² Technologies offers superior engineering, application and chemical solutions.

In 2016, Q² Technologies launched the Pro3® line of non-amine H2S scavengers and ProM® line of non-amine mercaptan scavengers for crude oil applications. The Pro3® /ProM® technologies currently treat over 3 million barrels of crude oil and condensate each month.

Customer centricity.

Customers are our primary focus and the efficiency of their operation is the definition of our success. We are a company of people focused on people.

Chemicals and chemistry are just one component of what we offer – by working with you every day and getting to know your operation, we are capable of providing tailored solutions that apply to your particular process, needs, and budget.

Our top notch products go above and beyond, protecting your equipment as well as the environment. At Q² Technologies we believe in being your ally and solutions provider – your triumph is our success.