Triazine H2S Scavengers

Q2 Technologies and its former partner Quaker Chemical (NYSE:KWR) developed the triazine technology that is used world-wide today.



Several patents link our experience in H2S removal all the way back to the invention of triazine in the late 80s in a variety of industries. We bring synergies for creative applications through our experience in H2S and mercaptan removal in pulp & paper, landfill gas, wastewater treatment, and the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors in oil & gas.


Q2 Technologies has a yearly manufacturing capacity close to 30 million pounds of 80% active MEA-Triazine H2S scavengers. Our H2S scavenger product lines can be diluted to field strength versions to suit your specific needs. We can provide our own time-tested formulations or manufacture per your specific needs.

World-Wide Reach

Through our subsidiary ABR Global Logistics, we are able to handle your logistics all the way to the wellhead and to Europe, South America and Asia.

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