A natural gas processing plant was treating a stream with high H2S content using a competitor’s H2S scavenging technology.

H2S was removed by sparging the gas through our specially formulated Triazine H2S scavenger in a contactor. When the H2S monitor at the contactor outlet reached the breakthrough point of 4 ppm, the scavenging chemical solution in the unit was replaced.

The plant was looking to increase the run-time between change-outs, thereby reducing down time, maintenance and chemical costs. Prior to Q2Technologies‘ involvement, four different H2S scavenging technologies had been tested with varying results. The run-time between change-outs for these trials ranged from 7 to 25 days.

  • Gas Production 126 SCFM average
  • Inlet H2S 1,300 ppm
  • Outlet H2S < 4 ppm
  • Pressure 200 psig
  • Q2Technologies ran three separate trials with Triazine, using a different mix ratio for each test. In the first trial, a mixture of Triazine and methanol achieved 24-day run. The second trial used Triazine with high concentration, and runtime increased to 28 days.
  • At this point an analysis of the replaced chemical revealed that much of it was unreacted. The treatment program for the third trial was optimized by diluting Triazine with water. The resulting chemical consumption rate was 100% theoretical, and the run-time achieved with this optimized trial was 27 days.
  • Our Triazine delivered longer runs than any other H2S scavenging technology tested.
  • Based on an average of 20 days between chemical change-outs with competitive programs, Q2Technologies achieved a 35% increase in run-time and a 35% reduction in change-outs per year.
  • With the Triazine solution, savings include less lost production, as well as reduced maintenance and chemical disposal costs.


  • Run times per chemical change-out increased by 35% by using Triazine.
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