Pro3® GT

Pro3® GT, a non-triazine product, is a direct replacement of 40% MEA triazine.

Pro3® GT does not create scale or any particulate buildup.

Pro3® GT+

Pro3® GT+, a non-triazine product, is a concentrated form of Pro3® GT, used for applications that are dealing with variable flow rates or higher inlet levels of H2S.

Pro3® GT+ does not create scale or any particulate buildup.

Specialized Design for Optimal Reaction in Natural Gas

Utilizing the special formulation of Pro3®GT and Pro3®GT+, the GT Bullet Tower works with a counter-current flow to allow for maximum contact with the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) present.

Engineered to work with the Pro3® GT suite of products, the counter-current flow ensures effective and more efficient contact of the scavenger with the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) present. The direct benefit in this design allows for using less overall product, thus further reducing overall OPEX.

Cross-linking our knowledge across industries to help you solve your H2S problems.

This technology outperforms with faster reactions and increased capacity over traditional triazine scenarios. Further, Pro3® GT and Pro3® GT+ benefit from no scale formation or buildup often found when triazine has been overspent or overdosed. Developed to be used in a variety of formats, the products can be introduced via continuous injection, tower, and flooded systems, existing infrastructure is perfectly capable to allow for ease of substitution for Pro3® GT.

Benefits of our
H2S scavenger chemicals:

  • A superior H2S scavenger as compared to MEA triazine: faster reaction kinetics and increased capacity.
  • Non-reversible and non-oxidizing reaction with H2S.
  • No concern of solid formation in byproduct
  • Cold temperatures capable: Neat and spent scavenger pour point of -40°F
  • Totes and bulk loads available.

Uses up to 25% less product when compared to triazine with better results

No extra CAPEX required: GT products can be used exactly like triazine, existing infrastructure included

More effective and efficient than standard triazine

Our Process

  • Real time H2S readings, injection rates & tank levels
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Web based app for remote monitoring automation, remote pump adjust via app
Technical Data Sheet