We remove H2S from millions of barrels with Pro3®. Immediately remove H2S from crude oil, meet pipeline spec.

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Benefits of our
H2S scavenger chemicals:

  • Lower your lease operating expense, reduce chemical use by 50-75% as compared to glyoxal and MEA triazine.
  • Pro3® non-amine scavenger increases the value of your barrels, leads to better market optionality.
  • Pro3® provides safety & protects assets.

Pro3® is scalable from


Immediately remove H2S from crude oil and meet pipeline spec.
Pro3® is used by Producers, Midstreamers, and Traders and approved by major terminals and pipelines.

See how we are fundamentally changing the treatment of H2S with Pro3®. Our unique Hydrogen Sulfide removal systems can be highly automated and remotely controlled for maximum operational flexibility.

Pro3® H2S Removal for Crude Oil & Liquids

The Pro3® chemical process is used to treat millions of barrels of crude oil and liquid hydrocarbons every month throughout major US basins with an increasing global footprint. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure we meet your commercial, operational, and safety requirements in regards to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans. You'll be able to have a complete Hydrogen Sulfide removal system.

Reduce chemical use by 50-75% compared to conventional H2S scavengers.

Receive better net back pricing.

Optimize operation through automation and turnkey process.

Our Process

  • Real time H2S readings, injection rates & tank levels
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Web based app for remote monitoring automation, remote pump adjust via app
Technical Data Sheet


It is a non-amine and non-glyoxal H2S removal technology, making it safe for refineries and pipelines.

Triazine-based treatment has been the go-to solution for many Producers, Midstreamers, and Refiners. But for some, implementing new technology such as non-triazine products has positively impacted their operations and has lowered their costs in their H2S removal efforts. Is one better than the other? That all depends on your use case and process conditions. Read more details here in our Triazine Vs. Non-Triazine blog.

We treat millions of barrels of crude and condensate and are successful in H2S removal to less than 10 ppm.

H2S in the oil and gas industry is very common. H2S removal products with Pro3® allows for Producers/Midstreamers to have safer operations and increase reliability. H2S compliance allows for safer transportation via pipelines which also allows for a better netback price of the barrels.

Related Case Studies

Crude Oil & Liquids - Pro3®
H2S Removal in Crude from Marine Tankers

- $10K per month chemical savings by using Pro3®
- Deliveries cut by 50%
- Millions of barrels treated and hundreds of tankers and barges in spec.

Crude Oil & Liquids - Pro3®
H2S Removal in Crude Oil Truck Terminal

- $35K per month chemical savings using Pro3®
- Deliveries cut by 75%
- Chemical use cut by 80%.

Crude Oil & Liquids - Pro3® and ProM®
Leading Midstream Treats H₂S & Mercaptans

- Pro3® and ProM® chemistries allowed customer to consistently meet H2S and Mercaptan specifications that 3rd party chemistry was unable to reach.
- Overall cost of treatment was reduced by >25%.

We remove H2S from millions of barrels with Pro3®