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wholesale prices to treat H2S

Used to treat natural gas streams and certain liquid hydrocarbons.

Capability to produce between 1000-1500 MT on a monthly basis.

Lower your LOE, with Pro3® Nano

A proven non-triazine H2S dry media scavenger that is an alternative to triazine.

Modular solution designed to keep LOE low compared to conventional triazine scavengers.

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Pioneer of Triazine. Focused on constant Innovation.

Q2 Technologies as a former subsidiary of Quaker Chemical (NYSE: KWR) invented triazine for gas treatment scavengers used worldwide today. We continue to manufacture various grades of [triazine for gas treatment] and are able to provide significant savings by working directly with operators.

After years of commercial development in the US, Q2 Technologies has launched a new non-triazine H2S scavenging process. The Pro3® Nano dry media is packed in specially designed towers that absorbs and chemically reacts to the inlet sour natural gas, converting sour gas into sweet gas that meets commercial pipeline specifications. Our biogas chemical treatment solutions and acid gas treatment technologies are designed to improve process efficiency and minimize operating costs. We strive to be the industry leader in biogas chemical treatment, offering innovative solutions that provide our customers with the best possible value.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure we meet your commercial, operational, and safety requirements with regards to H2S and mercaptans.

Exploration & Production: Meet pipeline spec and avoid flaring sour gas.
Midstream: Get more MCFs on pipe. Increase volume on your system.
Exploration & Production: Meet pipeline spec and avoid flaring sour gas.
  • Reducing the flare keeps pad site in compliance with state and federal emissions standards.
  • Fully remove all H2S from the gas stream. Result: sweet gas that is pipeline grade.
  • Pro3® Nano is is capable of handling massive swings in volume and spikes in H2S. It is hands free: No pump skid required, gas simply flows through the Pro3® Nano media in the tower. No scale or blocking buildup as compared to over treated triazine situations.
Midstream: Get more MCFs on pipe. Increase volume on your system.
  • Maintain asset integrity: avoid corrosion, scaling, fouling, pitting.
  • Increase connectivity and market optionality.
  • Instead of expensive amine headers on gas plants, Pro3® Nano system is an economical alternative.
  • Economically treat tail gas from amine plants.
  • Monitor and eliminate H2S using our real time H2S analyzer/injection system.

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Crude Oil & Liquids - Triazine
Amine Treater Regenerator Vent Scrubber

- H2S level reduced so that air can be discharged into atmosphere using Triazine.
-This continuous system has produced substantial economic benefits for the customer.

Natural Gas - Triazine
Natural Gas Treatment

- By using triazine, no solids were generated and only half the amount of Triazine was needed for treatment. compared to Sulfa-Check.

Natural Gas - Triazine
Natural Gas Processing Plant H2S Optimization Program

- Run times per chemical change-out increased by 35% by using Triazine.

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