The Pro Series’ oil soluble product works for a variety of crude oils and high temp. applications, same result: eliminating H2S.

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What will your
benefits look like?

  • Achieve pipeline spec through H2S removal.
  • No scaling concern, 100% oil soluble.
  • Ability to withstand temperatures above 212°F/100°C.
  • Reduce blending.

Pro3® HT is scalable from

Crude oil, oil sands, & bitumen
Terminals / Refineries
Processed oils, asphalts, & fuel oil
Asphalt, crude oil, & fuel oil

Pro3® HT’s unique metal-based formula renders H2S out of sour crude that may be subject to harsh temperature conditions or that is high viscosity.

See our capabilities in treating H2S from Asphalt to Oil Sands/Bitumen with Pro3® HT.

Pro3® HT H2S Scavenger

Consider Pro3® HT as an ideal alternative to our other aqueous based products when operating conditions require oil soluble products. Our team of experts will work with you to identify H2S composition and ensure we meet your commercial, operational, and safety requirements.

Specifically formulated for high temperatures where others are not.

For challenged crude qualities, Pro3® HT can rebalance the LOE/OPEX economics.

The Pro3® HT oil soluble properties allows for a wider range of treatment scenarios with favorable operational conditions for the operator.

Pro3® HT H2S Scavenger

A scavenger that renders out H2S in liquid hydrocarbons.

  • Targets H2S in crude oil, asphalts, oil sands, bitumen, and fuel oil.
  • Metal based scavenger.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro Series products as a polishing scavenger.

Further, Pro3® HT is an oil soluble product suited for light and heavier crude oils, with BS&W >1%, or able to withstand temps that are >300°F/150°C.

Q2 Technologies remains committed to developing products that deliver results to this unique subset of hydrocarbon treatment.

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Crude Oil & Liquids - Pro3® HT
High-Temp H2S removal in Lab & Field Trials

- Effective at low H2S levels even with >1% BS&W.
- Quick reaction time.
- Remains effective at high temperatures.
- No evidence of sulfide scaling.

Crude Oil & Liquids - ProM®
Mercaptan Reduction in Condensate Splitter Feedstock

- ProM® Chemistry allowed customer to meet mercaptan specifications that MEA-Triazine was unable to reach.

Natural Gas - Triazine
Natural Gas Processing Plant H2S Optimization Program

- Run times per chemical change-out increased by 35% by using Triazine.

We remove H2S from millions of barrels with Pro3®