Cracking the code on eliminating mercaptans. Best in class mercaptan removal technology that is injected directly into liquid hydrocarbon.

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benefits look like?

  • Achieve pipeline spec through mercaptan removal.
  • Meet refiner requirements globally by eliminating mercaptans in crude oil.
  • Scalable process from tank farm to VLCC.
  • Reduce blending.
  • Mercaptan Odor Removal

ProM® is scalable from


With ProM® you will immediately remove Mercaptans in crude oil and meet pipeline spec. It is used by Producers, Midstreamers, and Traders and approved by major terminals and pipelines.

See our capabilities at dockside with quick turnarounds using ProM®

ProM® Mercaptan Scavenger

The ProM® chemical process is used to treat millions of barrels of crude oil and liquid hydrocarbons every month at major US pipelines and ports. It is the preferred chemistry that global trading houses use to meet mercaptan contract parameters worldwide. Our team of experts will work with you to identify mercaptan composition and ensure we meet your commercial, operational, and safety requirements.

Reduce chemical use by 50-75% compared to conventional H2S scavengers.

Receive better net back pricing.

Lower amount of blend stock needed to meet spec.

ProM® Mercaptan Scavenger

Q2 Technologies and its former JV partner Quaker Chemical developed the triazine technology that is used world-wide today.

Mercaptans are a common contaminant in many hydrocarbon streams, including crude oil and refined products. Mercaptans or thiols are organosulfur compounds that cause odor issues, can increase corrosivity, contribute to instability, and make it difficult to meet product specifications. The presence of mercaptans along the oil production chain can create problems both from stainless steel and alloys corrosion during storage and transportation, and from odor complaints from neighbors.

Mercaptan removal is necessary in feedstocks and refined products. ProM® has consistently outperformed alternative chemistries for lower chain mercaptan removal. Our mercaptan scavenger is currently being used in multiple applications. Whether you need mercaptan removal from natural gas, mercaptan removal from LPG, or from any other hydrocarbon, contact your Q2 Technologies advisor to find solutions to mercaptan odor removal and contamination. We have the mercaptan scavengers to satisfy your needs.

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Crude Oil & Liquids - ProM®
Mercaptan Reduction in Condensate Splitter Feedstock

- ProM® Chemistry allowed customer to meet mercaptan specifications that MEA-Triazine was unable to reach.

Crude Oil & Liquids - Pro3® and ProM®
Leading Midstream Treats H₂S & Mercaptans

- Pro3® and ProM® chemistries allowed customer to consistently meet H2S and Mercaptan specifications that 3rd party chemistry was unable to reach.
- Overall cost of treatment was reduced by >25%.

Cracking the code on eliminating mercaptans.