A wastewater collection system running through a suburban community had a strong hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odor causing neighbors’ complaints. The wastewater treatment plant tried different programs for odor control to address the complaints of the neighboring community. A ferrous sulfate treating program was tried unsuccessfully resulting in uninterrupted community complaints and high operational costs.

  • Reduce hydrogen sulfide odor causing complaints from community members.
  • A sulfate treating program had already been implemented and results were not succesful.
  • Q2 Technologies was given the opportunity to implement the Enviro-Scrub® program. This custom-made program added a tote of our custom formulated chemical with a metering pump feeding directly into the lift station, as seen on diagram 1. The Enviro-Scrub® was fed into the lift station influent ahead of the baffle station.

  • The neighboring community has not presented any further complaints. Labor costs have been reduced given that the Enviro-Scrub® program supplies the scavenging chemical with a metering pump on a continuous basis.


  • Eliminated odor complaints in neighborhood.
  • Enviro-Scrub® is more cost effective than ferrous sulfate and magnesium hydroxide.
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