Q2 Technologies has brought to market the Pro3® Nano, a novel nanoparticle non-triazine H2S scavenger. Pro3® Nano removes H2S from gas streams and converts it into non-hazardous elemental sulfur. When combined with the SulfurCycle process, Pro3® Nano is regenerable allowing the reagent to be used multiple times resulting in much lower operating costs compared to triazine scavengers. With a larger operating range and lower cost than SULFATREAT, Pro3® Nano combined with SulfurCycle add value to reserves by allowing operators to produce otherwise uneconomical wells.

  • An oil well in Southwest Wyoming coproduces sour gas and water. In order to economically produce the oil, a robust strategy for sour gas treatment was needed.
  • The coproduced sour gas comprises 80% CO₂, 5,300ppm H2S and a balance of nitrogen, not dissimilar to amine plant off-gas. The high concentration of carbon dioxide greatly constrains caustic or amine-based technologies.
  • Hot wet gas produced from the well proved difficult to sweeten with SULFATREAT due to condensation affecting the capacity and efficiency of the SULFATREAT material.
  • With no market value for the gas and high lifting costs, it was necessary to reduce sour gas treatment costs to profitably produce the associated oil.
  • Pro3® Nano replaced SULFATREAT without any ill effects from the wet acid gas, thereby reducing the cost of treatment per pound of sulfur by as much as 10X.
  • Being an aqueous process, Pro3® Nano and SulfurCycle were not affected by the water saturated gas, and required no conditioning other than standard three phase separation.
  • Pro3® Nano aggressively and specifically treats the 5,300ppm H2S with high scrubbing efficiency (>99.9%) and excellent regeneration capacity, reusing the reagent >10X.
  • SULFATREAT required more frequent change-outs than expected, incurring high labor and material costs.
  • After 3 months of initial production, SulfurCycle achieved >98% availability and 100% reliability.
  • With Pro3® Nano and SulfurCycle, oil sales are profitable with less than 10% of oil revenues spent on sour gas treatment while SULFATREAT was economically unsustainable.


  • Pro3® Nano and SulfurCycle regeneration process allowed production of oil that otherwise would be shut in and stranded.Chemical use cut by 80%.
  • SulfurCycle and Pro3® Nano can specifically treat H2S in a wet acidic gas stream with no loss in efficiency or capacity.
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