Q2 Technologies has brought to market Pro3® Nano, a novel nanoparticle non-triazine H2S scavenger. Pro3® Nano removes H2S from gas streams and converts it into non-hazardous elemental sulfur. When combined with the SulfurCycle process, Pro3® Nano is regenerable allowing the reagent to be used multiple times resulting in much lower operating costs compared to triazine scavengers. With a larger operating range and significantly lower cost than Triazine, SulfurCycle and Pro3® Nano add value to reserves by allowing operators to produce otherwise uneconomical wells.

  • Sour gas is produced and comingled from multiple wells on plunger cycles, resulting in rapidly changing flow rates between 100Mcf/d and 1,500Mcf/d.
  • H2S content of the gas ranges from 20ppm to 5,500ppm, which varies within minutes at the point of treatment.
  • Low market value for the gas demands a more cost effective treatment than Triazine to produce these wells economically.
  • Pro3® Nano replaced Triazine reducing the cost of treatment and allowed treatment of more sour gas which could not be sweetened with Triazine, thereby increasing production and margins.
  • The SulfurCycle process was deployed to regenerate the Pro3® Nano and handle the wild swings in flow rate and H2S concentrations to sweeten the gas below the pipeline specification of 4ppm.
  • Triazine was only capable of economically treating
    the lowest ppm H2S gas <200ppm.
  • Pro3® Nano allowed for economic treatment of 5,500ppm H2S.
  • Only 250Mcf/day could be economically treated with Triazine
  • SulfurCycle with Pro3® Nano economically treats >750Mcf/d.
  • Radical swings in flow rate and H2S concentrations required overdosing with Triazine such that Triazine to H2S ratios were well below 2:1.
  • Pro3®Nano achieves ratios as high as 20 ppm H2S:1 ppm Pro3® Nano.
  • Spent Triazine required pigging to keep the pipeline flowing freely.
  • SulfurCycle produces non-hazardous elemental
    sulfur which is disposed of in the local landfill.


  • Pro3® Nano allowed operator to produce a high H2S well while increasing production 3X.
  • Operating Expenses per unit of sulfur were cut by more than 90% when using Pro3® Nano.
  • SulfurCycle operations enjoy >98% availability while meeting the 4ppm specification 100% of the time over a 3-month trial.

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