Eco-friendly solutions for H2S mitigation in wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, landfill gas and odor control in communities


Q2 Technologies was founded in 2001 to help customers remove H2S and mercaptans in a variety of environmental applications. Our customers need these pollutants removed for safety, operational reliability and to control odors in the communities that they operate. Unlike other companies, we are able to pool our experience in many industries and effectively solve your H2S and odor problems.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the following industries:

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Biogas from anaerobic digesters

  • Landfill gas

Chemical Removal

Enviro-Scrub® H2S Scavenger is a proven patented technology that has been used for over 25 years. It reacts into a non-hazardous biodegradable molecule.

This is a water based chemistry that can be atomized, injected into water effluents or used in scrubbers

Q2 Technologies also manufactures MEA-Triazine scavengers.

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Biological Removal

The Enviro-Scrub® Bio technology is a eco-friendly nutrient (non enzyme) that is bio-engineered to change the metabolism of Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB).

The addition of Enviro-Scrub® Bio will invigorate existing bacterial colonies in aqueous environments and allow them to switch from H2S generation to N2 generation.

The Enviro-Scrub® Bio enhanced bacteria will reduce organic solids in aqueous systems.

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Case Studies

  • Sewage Treatment

    • - H2S in sludge eliminated and health hazards with spikes of up to 750 ppm H2S mitigated
  • Biological Treatment of Lift Station

    • - Enviro-Scrub® Bio is completely eco-friendly and more cost effective than ferric chloride
    • - H2S completely eliminated and spikes no longer seen
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