Time to lower LOE: Lower your Lease Operating Expense

March 20, 2020

Q2 Technologies® is committed to bringing to market the best alternatives to control H2S. We are in touch with our community and just met with several operators in the Permian Basin. The message is very straight forward: Lower your Lease Operating Expense is of paramount importance always, and more so in current times.

By using Pro3®, a pipeline approved H2S removal process, this operator will now meet crude pipeline spec for H2S. This will save them $3-5/bbl in trucking while avoiding costly road maintenance. You can do it too, contact us now.

Watch the system at work!

Injection Pumps,  Watch the system at work!

Calibration Cilinders.  Watch the system at work!

Our smart injection system will monitor and optimize inception rates via an app, while remotely measuring tank levels. This way, you increase your efficiency while lowering your operating expenses.

Call us today to lower your lease operating expenses today. We are here to serve our community by doing what we do best: Control H2S.

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