Q2 Technologies Increases Inventory and Logistical Capabilities Amid the 2022 Hurricane Season

Although the 2022 Hurricane Season has been fairly mild with only five named storms since the first week of September, the recent barrage of 1 in a 1,000 year weather events that has drenched a large swath of the US is proof that the weather systems are not to be trifled with. As a critical supplier of chemical products across the US to our clients in diverse industries, we are taking particular care to reinforce our logistics and product supply chain.


Therefore, Q2 Technologies is pleased to announce our latest logistics initiative of doubling our inventory at or near our Clients’ assets and enhancing our transportation capabilities.


Across all industries that we serve from Oil & Gas to biogas at landfill assets to dairy digesters, to the pulp and paper industry and other wastewater municipalities and facilities, we have made a concerted effort to build inventory in a number of strategic locations in case a hurricane or other weather event disrupts long-haul transport. And in doing so, we have provided stockpiles in secured facilities that will ensure supply even if transportation and logistical infrastructure becomes impaired in the short-run due to a major weather event. Further, we have taken steps to increase our logistics process with trusted partners that allows for effectively doubling our capacity.

(KPRC, 2022)
(KPRC, 2022)

The recent 24–48-hour deluges of rain across the US in the past few weeks is yet another reminder of our changing climate and that damage does not just come from headliner storms like hurricanes and tornadoes but can come in a variety of isolated storms that are difficult to forecast with significant warning. While 2021 was a rainy year, ranking as the third most active hurricane season in history as well as the third costliest, with a total of nearly $81 billion in damage, experts are still holding that 2022 will be an active season albeit the forecast of named storms have lessened slightly. This is due to the fact that the US is still experiencing above normal La Niña effects which suppresses hurricane activity in the central and eastern Pacific basins, and ultimately bolsters the effects in the Atlantic basin, hence a wet 2022 season. If the La Niña conditions remain, we may see a steady line of named storms well into the fall and perhaps beyond the typical season of November 30th.

As meteorologists maintain their forecasts for an active season; producers, midstreamers, refiners, and chemical treatment companies must prepare for what could be a replay of last year’s heavy storms. For Q2 Technologies, it is essential for us to be ready; our latest initiative is a three-step approach:

We’ve taken the necessary steps to procure plenty of raw material, manufacture a sufficient amount of additional product and have coordinated ahead of time with our multiple trucking logistics partners to get product to location or storage. We have staged at least two months’ worth of chemical inventory in West Texas and at multiple locations near port locations along the Texas coast to ensure that any weather-related supply disruptions will not jeopardize our delivery capability. Further, we established additional trucking solutions in preparation for potential outages if the need arises.

We know that weather events can cause driver shortages, road/route closures, and production shut-ins at plants, which makes it extremely difficult to manufacture, deliver, and consequently treat oil and gas production.  Therefore, Q2 Technologies has made the necessary arrangements to plan accordingly so our critical product is available during this uncertain time.

As a trusted chemical provider for our clients, we ensure that sufficient levels of our H2S removal products are securely stored close to our clients’ assets as the 2022 hurricane season continues.

Adaptability is also fundamental, depending on conditions, locations and our clients’ needs, we provide a wide range of different vessel formats, allowing our product to be ready for shipment in containers of all kinds of shapes and sizes: ISOs, Drums, and Totes.

Working at multiple manufacturing sites and being prepared with a fleet of trucks and carriers is critical. Multiple carriers are key for successfully delivering chemical loads. If, for any reason, one is delayed, another one may come to the rescue; partnering with different trucking companies has allowed us in previous years to successfully deliver our product and treat our clients’ crude oil and gas in a regular manner.

In conclusion, to seamlessly continue treatment in multiple basins while hurricane threats arise, we have implemented a “planning ahead” mindset:

  • Multiple raw material providers
  • Several manufacturing sites close to major highways and thoroughfares
  • Diverse vessel sizes
  • Multiple transportation services
  • And stockpile field ready inventory

If you’re interested in our multiple H2S removal products, we’d be happy to have a chat with you! Contact us or give us a call +1 832-328-2200.







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