Enviro-Scrub® Bio: Biological Inhibition of H2S

Enviro-Scrub® Bio is a biological solution for odor control and H2S inhibition in water effluents. It is completely eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

H2S Removal from Water

Biological H2S Inhibition

The Enviro-Scrub® Bio technology is a nutrient that is bio-engineered to change the metabolism of Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB).

The addition of Enviro-Scrub® Bio will invigorate existing bacterial colonies in aqueous environments and cause them to switch from H2S generation to N2 generation. The Enviro-Scrub® Bio enhanced bacteria have also been observed to reduce organic solids in aqueous systems. The nutrient is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Unlike other products, Enviro-Scrub® Bio is not an enzyme.


  • H2S Removal

    Odor control in lagoons, lift stations, sludge

  • H2S removal from landfill leachate, lagoons, frac water and lift stations

Case Studies

  • Biological Treatment of Lift Station

    • - Enviro-Scrub® Bio is completely eco-friendly and more cost effective than ferric chloride
    • - H2S completely eliminated and spikes no longer seen
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