Scalable from wellhead to full scale gathering systems.

Pro3® Nano

After years of commercial development in the US, Q2 Technologies has launched a regenerable non-triazine H2S scavenging process. The Pro3® Nano chemical process is specifically designed to treat sour gas volumes using a unique combination of nano particles in a contact tower with a regenerative cycle.


Compare Pro3® Nano against Triazine.

Benefits throughout

  • Recycle chemical 15-30x.
  • Non-triazine solution at neutral pH.
  • Non-hazardous elemental sulfur byproduct.

Digitize your Field

  • Real time H2S readings, injection rates & tank levels
  • SCADA, GPS, cell connections
  • Web based app for remote monitoring automation, remote pump adjust via app
  • The contactor on the left removes the H2S from the sour natural gas to less than 4ppm.
  • The used slurry is then circulated though the regenerator to harvest sulfur and refresh the slurry.
  • >Upon 5-10 cycles, Pro3® Nano shows favorable economics over scavengers and other redox systems. Pro3® Nano typically achieves 15-30 cycles for most optimized deployments.

Related Case Studies

Natural Gas - Pro3® Nano
Replacement of Triazine with Pro3® Nano

- Pro3® Nano replaced Triazine reducing the cost of treatment and
allowed treatment of more sour gas which could not be sweetened with Triazine, thereby increasing production and margins.

Lower OPEX/LOE with Pro3 Nano®