Q2 Technologies- A Chemical Company

Increase the value of your barrels. Reduce operational costs.

Oil and Gas

Increase the value of your barrels

  • Enviro-Solve® Pro3® uses breakthrough non-amine/non-glyoxal H2S and Mercaptan removal technology.
  • Enviro-Solve® Pro3® reduces chemical use by 50-75% as compared to glyoxal and MEA-Triazine.
  • Allows crude shippers to save on transport costs by sweetening crude to meet pipeline specifications.
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Prevent solids formation in natural gas scrubbing

  • Manufacturer of H2S scavengers and MEA-Triazine.
  • Proprietary Enviro-Scrub® H2S scavenger blends engineered to reduce solids formation in scrubbers.
  • Continuous gas treating equipment that prevents H2S scavenger to become overspent.
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Keeping our Planet Green

  • Since 2001, we bring our experience to control H2S and odor with environmentally friendly processes in the pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, biogas and landfill gas applications with Enviro-Scrub® and Enviro-Scrub® Bio .
  • Introducing eco-friendly biological treatment of H2S in wastewater and sewage with Enviro-Scrub® Bio.
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Case Studies

Bringing over 17 years of experience in oil & gas, pulp & paper, wastewater treatment, biogas and landfill gas to control H2S, mercaptans and odors.

  • H2S Removal in Crude from Marine Tankers

    • - $10K per month chemical savings by using Pro3®
    • - Deliveries cut by 50%
    • - Millions of barrels treated and hundreds of tankers and barges in spec.
  • Mercaptan Reduction in Condensate Splitter Feedstock

    • - ProM® Chemistry allowed customer to meet mercaptan specifications that MEA-Triazine was unable to reach.
  • Amine Treater Regenerator Vent Scrubber

    • - H2S level reduced so that air can be discharged into atmosphere using Enviro-Scrub®
  • Biological Treatment of Lift Station

    • - Enviro-Scrub® Bio is completely eco-friendly and more cost effective than ferric chloride
    • - H2S completely eliminated and spikes no longer seen