Q2 Technologies, a former subsidiary of Quaker Chemical which developed the MEA-Triazine scavengers used world-wide today, along with its Gulf Coast region distributor, Additive Direct Services have brought to market the Pro3® series of non-amine/non-triazine H₂S scavengers. The Pro3® series is the next generation of scavengers replacing MEA-Triazine in liquid hydrocarbon streams.

The Pro3® series is the result of a need to reduce fouling/corrosion created by amine based scavengers in refineries, production streams and crude oil terminals while improving H₂S removal performance compared to that of MEA-Triazine.

  • Two 100,000 barrel inland collection crude oil storage tanks were being injected with up to 500 GPD of 40% MEA-Triazine.
  • Approximately 150 trucks unloaded daily at the terminal with H₂S levels ranging from 30 ppmv to 25,000 ppmv.
  • A high level of H₂S in collection tanks was still observed after triazine injection and required the customer to have expensive independent H₂S monitoring done followed up with additional treatment and delays.
  • Pro3® was recommended to substitute 40% MEA-Triazine
    scavenger and to reduce chemical cost and logistics.
  • An injection system consisting of a single 6,000 gallon ISO tank with automated pumps replaced a system of 5 individual tote tanks being used to inject 40% MEA-Triazine.
  • Storage Tank H₂S level using MEA-Triazine: > 10 ppmv
  • Storage Tank H₂S level using Pro3®: <1 ppmv.
  • Approximately 3 million barrels of EFL/EFR/WTI
    are treated monthly with Pro3® series.
  • Chemical consumption was cut 80% compared to the 40% MEA-Triazine resulting in:
    – Deliveries cut by 75% translating into increased personnel productivity.
    – $35,000 per month reduction in chemical cost. *Will vary on application requirements
  • The need for H₂S monitoring personnel was eliminated resulting
    in additional savings. Spot checks and daily electronic monitoring
    are now sufficient to maintain a safe environment.
  • On-site bulk storage of chemical resulted in logistics and freight costs.


  • >$35k per month chemical savings.
  • Deliveries cut 75%.
  • Chemical use cut by 80%.
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