Q2 Technologies, formerly a subsidiary of Quaker Chemical and a pioneer in developing
MEA-Triazine scavengers used globally, has continued development in this space with the introduction of Pro3® GT
and Pro3® GT+. This innovative suite of products, a non-triazine solution, is designed to be a direct substitute
for triazine without the benefit of not having the common problems that befall mismanaged triazine consumption.

Pro3® GT and Pro3® GT+ surpass traditional triazine applications by
avoiding scale formation and buildup common with overspent or overdosed triazine. The product can be seamlessly
integrated through continuous injection, contact tower, and/or flooded systems, making it an easy substitute
into existing infrastructure.


In a lab setting, we compared the effectiveness of 40% MEA triazine to Pro3® GT and Pro3® GT+ isolating
conditions to
determine breakover performance.

  • Proving that Pro3® GT is a direct substitute to triazine.
  • Develop a non-triazine based product with the same effectiveness as MEA triazine but not exposed to commodity pricing.
  • At approximately 70 minutes both GT and triazine began breakover. GT+ continued for an additional 30 minutes before breakover.

  • Solids formation: comparing triazine to GT/GT+ in overspent scenarios.
  • Additional product was added to the solution resulting in overspent scenario.

The consistency of the treated product was observed:

  • Triazine thickened and became solid after 4 hours and stayed solid troughout the 30 day test period.
  • GT/GT+ remained in a liquid state for the entirety of the test.

  • Temperature stress test: comparing triazine to GT/GT+ in low and high temperatures.
  • Took neat and treated trials of triazine and GT/GT+ and exposed them to a wide temperature array.
  • Neat triazine solidified at 0 oF and the sample that was treated with triazine solidified at 50 oF.
  • GT/GT+ remained liquid and stable throughout the entire testing.


  • Pro3® GT and GT+ outperform Triazine by offering faster reaction times, preventing scale formation, and demonstrating superior temperature stability, making them more effective and reliable solutions for natural gas applications.

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