Q2 Technologies, a former subsidiary of Quaker Chemical which developed the MEA-Triazine scavengers used world-wide today, has brought the next iteration to its established Pro3® series of non-amine/non-triazine H2S & mercaptan, Pro3® HT, an oil soluble scavenger capable of withstanding high operating temperatures.

In an established producing zone along the shelf in the Gulf of Mexico, a mid-30 API sour crude and gas with low BS&W had long desired an alternative to traditional scavengers. Systematically tested Pro3® HT against several other products in the lab prior to field trial. Lab results proved and established what the field trial ultimately would corroborate: Pro3® HT showed expansive outcomes resulting in ~50% better reduction of H2S than triazine and was still effective when exposed to >350ºF/178ºC.

  • Tasked with quickly removing H2S to <1ppm/v by using less chemicals than current usage.
  • Utilize existing equipment in fully operating facility.
  • Identifying where in the infrastructure configuration was the best fit: Multiple separators and contactors.
  • Significant levels of H2S even after mechanical agitation along the continuum: 30,000 – 40,000 ppm or 3-4% H2S present at the oil contactor.
  • As the initial lab findings indicated, the same was true in the field: Pro3® HT was the superior product in reacting against H2S versus traditional triazine- and alkylamine condensate-based products.
  • Compared to the other products at trial, even at lower gpd rates, Pro3® HT was significantly below the others.

  • Post-treatment H2S level: <10 ppm.


  • Pro3® HT is effective at low H2S
    levels even with >1% BS&W.
  • Quick reaction time (< 5 min).
  • Remains effective at high temperatures >350ºF/178ºC.
  • Long-term test location (3+ years of treatment) shows no evidence of sulfide scaling.
  • Pro3® HT reactive metal-base compound is a fast- acting, oil-soluble H2S scavenger proven both in the laboratory and the field.
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