Enviro-Scrub®: Amine Based H2S Scavengers

Q² Technologies provides hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenging and odor control and specializes in providing cost effective solutions for your operations.

H2S Scavenger & MEA-Triazine Manufacturer

  • •We can custom formulate triazine blends (monoethanolamine, paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde reaction) with corrosion inhibitors and/or defoamers to meet your process needs for all weather conditions.
  • •We manufacture scavenger concentrations up to 80% active.
  • •We offer gas treating equipment designed to prevent solid gas formation and fouling.

Q2 Technologies has been a Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger provider for over thirty years providing the oil and gas industry with our MEA Triazine Enviro-Scrub®. Our company was the original developer of this widespread triazine scavenger that continues to perform as the amine solution of choice for multiple industry applications where a Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger is needed.

The Enviro-Scrub® is one of the H2S scavengers that not only removes H2S but performs adequately under all weather conditions. This H2S scavenger triazine can be custom manufactured according to your needs with concentrations up to 80% active.


  • No solids formulations to mitigate operational issues in gas treating equipment

  • Original inventors of MEA-Triazine H2S scavengers with our former partner Quaker Chemical (NYSE: KWR)

  • Experience in landfill, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment and biogas industries.

Case Studies

  • Amine Treater Regenerator Vent Scrubber

    • - H2S level reduced so that air can be discharged into atmosphere using Enviro-Scrub®
  • Natural Gas Treatment

    • - By using Enviro-Scrub® no solids generated and half of product used compared to Sulfa-Check
  • Odor Reduction in Wastewater Collection System

    • - Eliminated odor complaints in neighborhood
    • - Enviro-Scrub® is more cost effective than ferrous sulfate and magnesium hydroxide
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